Where have you placed clients?

We’ll continue to update our press page with recent client wins but you can always visit our press portfolio to see what both OFD Consulting and the OFD Collective are up to.

What webinars do you have planned?

Check here for an updated calendar of webinars, but expect our topics to be unique –not what we regularly share when we speak at industry events. The benefit of the Collective is that we can really dig deep into topics in a more intimate setting. We’ll be tackling balancing client expectations with PR, navigating advertorials, pitching yourself as a columnist, prepping for on air interviews and troubleshooting issues with other members of the vendor team when submitting.

What media do you specialize in?

The majority of our press tends to be online, although we also pitch to print, podcasts and conferences. On occasion, we are offered other opportunities, but these are the bulk of our media. What if I would like to discuss full representation? We’d love to get to know you better – please contact us at hello@ofdconsulting.com to discuss.

Do you only specialize in wedding PR services?

Yes. We are firmly entrenched in our niche. We recognize that there are only 24 hours in a day, and that the ever-changing wedding industry requires all of our time and our full attention. The ongoing process of making editorial contacts and keeping up with wedding trends is practically a full time job itself.

What if I miss your webinar or media webinar?

Have no fear- we’ll record each and every broadcast and archive on the site for our members.

How often will your PR library of templates and articles be updated?

We’ll be adding to the library monthly and we’ll be polling our members quarterly to ensure the library continues to be filled with the latest must-have information.

Can I make a suggestion for templates, webinars or additions to the webinar library?

Seeing that the OFD Collective is the first of its kind, it’s not lost on us that this program will continue to evolve and benefit greatly from member input. We plan on polling the Collective quarterly for this very reason but if you have anything you’d like to share in between, please reach out to us at collective@ofdconsulting.com.

I’m having issues with membership- who can I reach out to?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at collective@ofdconsulting.com. Rest assured you’ll receive a response within (1) business day.

How does live chat work?

With Tiers 2 and 3, Collective members have the opportunity to connect with us weekly on all things wedding PR. Once logged in, you’ll find a schedule to our upcoming sessions, which average up to 2 hours a week. Currently, we’re scheduling several weeks ahead so you can mark your calendar accordingly. We’re also testing out a number of different times and days of the week and will be surveying members quarterly as to the best times that suit them.

How does billing work?

For your convenience, we have two options for you- a monthly billing cycle along with the opportunity to pay for an entire year at a 20% discount. Please visit our Pricing page for more information.